Enora® Air Cushion

Experience the epitome of home comfort with our Enora Air cushions. Elevate your seating experience, where unparalleled comfort and style meet.

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Enora® Air Seat

Experience ultimate wheelchair comfort with the clinically proven Enora Air Seat - a life free from discomfort.

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Enora® Air Contur

Discover unparalleled comfort in your recliner chair with the Enora Contur riser recliner chair cushion. We take sitting seriously. That’s why the Enora Air Contur is created specifically to accommodate chair movements.

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Enora® Air Sleeper

We put confidence back into your nightly routine helping you take back control and redefine your sleep. Make disturbed and broken nights sleep due to discomfort a thing of the past.

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Air-powered Comfort. Clinically Proven.

We believe the key to empowering independence comes from accessible education, products and support. Professional-level care should enable your day-to-day experiences, not dominate them. That’s why we’ve applied our healthcare-grade technology to aesthetically subtle designs, offering lasting support and comfort that seamlessly blends into the background. 

Be comfortable, be you.

Pressure Relief

Experience relief from discomfort in soft tissue areas while enjoying enhanced comfort.

Low Air Technology

Distributes weight evenly without losing shape for optimal comfort.

Lightweight and convenient

Easy to clean, deflate, and store in a compact size, ensuring hassle-free usage.

Even weight distribution

Maintains its shape while evenly distributing weight for a better sleep experience.

Collections for Comfort

Living with restricted mobility is challenging. Particularly when it comes to avoiding discomfort.

Without the right support, discomfort can creep into everyday moments, until little by little, you no longer feel like you. But here’s the truth, you should never feel defined by your needs.

That’s why we’ve developed stylish and subtle comfort solutions. Enora’s entire product range is designed to alleviate discomfort, so you can live the life you know.

Our air-powered products are scientifically and medically proven to give better support and enhanced comfort.

Clinically Proven Comfort

Repose® Technology

Sitting or staying put for any prolonged period of time leads to discomfort. 

That's why our clinical experts have designed our Enora Air products with proven Air Technology to evenly distribute pressure, clinically proven.

Our innovation specialists have infused science to evenly distribute weight and motion to alleviate and reduce peak pressure - making your comfort the ultimate goal. 

Repose® technology has been used by the NHS for over 25 years and is the go-to treatment for pressure sores - now available from our home to yours.

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I love my cushion and the vibrancy of the colour. It’s really comfortable and it comes with me everywhere!

Kelly S.

I really wish I had this NHS-approved, stylish and comfortable cushion when I was pregnant!

Tania Talks

Thank you Enora. I used my Air Cushion to support my back whilst reading and experienced immediate relief.

L Hayles.

Be free, be comfortable, be you

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The power of Repose air technology for a good night’s sleep

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