Recovery and relief, powered by air

Air powered products, designed for comfort
and relief from pressure sores.

Living with restricted mobility is challenging. Particularly when it comes to avoiding pressure sores.

Without the right support, discomfort can creep into everyday moments, until little by little, you no longer feel like you. But here’s the truth, you should never feel defined by your needs.

That’s why we’ve developed stylish and subtle pressure area care solutions. Enora’s entire product range is designed to alleviate discomfort and promote healing, so you can live the life you know.

Our air-powered products are scientifically and medically proven to give better support and faster recovery from pressure sores.

Powered by Repose®

Backed by the NHS and used by Healthcare Professionals worldwide, the low-air distribution designs are clinically proven to prevent and reduce pressure sores.

Next chapter in pressure area care

Pioneering pressure sore treatment

Repose® Technology

  • Powered using NHS backed Repose® technology to understand and alleviate pressure points
  • 25 years of clinically proven weight distribution adapting to body motion
  • Air Technology at work with Smart Valve Technology for perfect inflation
  • Carefully designed for optimum comfort for all body shapes and sizes

Reducing the risk

Spot the symptoms

Pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, are a common yet often overlooked healthcare issue affecting millions of people worldwide. These painful wounds can lead to severe complications, including infections, prolonged hospital stays, and even death.

Learn the symptoms by watching our informative video.

Used in hospitals for years and now at home. A godsend. If respected, it will last a long time.

The Enora® Air Cushion

Enora® Air CushionEnora® Air Cushion
Enora® Air Cushion Sale price£105.00
Enora® Air Cushion Inflatable InnerEnora® Air Cushion Inflatable Inner

Enora® Air Seat

For your wheelchair

All-day comfort and pressure relief, with our Wheelchair Cushion.  Specifically designed for general-purpose wheelchairs, our unique design features two sections for independent back and seat support, ensuring even pressure redistribution and maximum comfort.

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Enora® Air Contur

For your living room

Discover unparalleled comfort with Enora® Contur, our Recliner Cushion. Created specifically to accommodate chair movements, the inflatable air cell technology transforms any recliner chair into a haven of relaxation. Experience personalised pressure relief with our easy-to-install cushion.

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Enora® Air Sleeper

For your bedroom

Redefine your sleep with the only clinically-approved Air Mattress Topper on the market. Engineered with NHS-backed technology, the topper relieves pressure to take your sleep to a whole new level of comfort, while preventing pressure sores.

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Made in Britain

Experience NHS-backed technology, manufactured in Tredegar, South Wales.


NHS-backed, used and highly recommended by healthcare professionals.


Utilise our ComfiFlexᵀᴾᵁ film to alleviate and reduce peak pressure.

Enora Superᴾᵁ

Multi-stretch PU material supports immersion, envelopment and reduces friction for enhanced user comfort.