Enora® Air Cushion

Experience the epitome of home comfort with our pressure Air cushions.  Elevate your seating experience, where unparalleled comfort and style meet.

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Enora® Air Seat

Experience ultimate wheelchair comfort with the clinically proven Enora Air Seat - a life free from discomfort and relief from pressure.

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Enora® Air Contur

Discover unparalleled comfort in your recliner chair with the Enora® Contur Recliner Cushion. We take sitting seriously. That’s why our cushion is created specifically to accommodate chair movements.

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Enora® Air Sleeper

We put confidence back into your nightly routine helping you take back control and redefine your sleep.  Make disturbed and broken nights sleep due to discomfort and pressure sores a thing of the past. 

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Made in Britain

Experience NHS-backed technology, manufactured in Tredegar, South Wales.


NHS-backed, used and highly recommended by healthcare professionals.


Utilise our ComfiFlexᵀᴾᵁ film to alleviate and reduce peak pressure.

Enora Superᴾᵁ

Multi-stretch PU material supports immersion, envelopment and reduces friction for enhanced user comfort.

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Enora® Air Cushion

For extra support

Experience the epitome of home comfort with our pressure cushion. Crafted to provide unmatched comfort and support, it offers superior weight distribution and pressure relief. Lightweight and portable, it seamlessly integrates into your home environment, enhancing both comfort and aesthetics. Elevate your seating experience with our air cushion, where unparalleled comfort and style meet. 

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Enora® Contur

For your living room

With its sleek and non-clinical design, our Recliner Cushion seamlessly blends into your living space and can be used on any reclining chair. No matter your preferred position, the cushion ensures unparalleled pressure relief and exceptional comfort, without sacrificing space or compromising the ambiance of your home. Experience enhanced comfort and support for blissful relaxation.

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Enora® Air Sleeper

For your bedroom

Welcome a rejuvenating sleep experience like no other. Designed to enhance your comfort, our clinically-approved Mattress Topper utilises low air technology to relieve pressure and align your spine. Transform your existing mattress and elevate your sleep to a whole new level of comfort. Enjoy unrivalled pressure relief for all sleeping positions and perfect weight distribution for enhanced comfort.

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Recovery and relief, powered by air

The Enora® Air Cushion

Enora® Air CushionEnora® Air Cushion
Enora® Air Cushion Sale price£105.00
Enora® Air Cushion Inflatable InnerEnora® Air Cushion Inflatable Inner
Used in hospitals for years and now at home. A godsend. If respected, it will last a long time.

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