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Pioneering pressure sore treatment

Innovation. It's in our DNA

Enora is brought to you by the experienced team behind Repose® Technology. We’ve been innovating within the healthcare industry for over 50 years and now, we're breaking barriers to make comfort accessible to everyone.

From healthcare to your home, we're revolutionising the industry.

Pioneering comfort. Empowering independence.

Your comfort. Our science. 

Discover NHS-approved, Repose® Technology.

We've worked with healthcare professionals worldwide and provided solutions to the NHS for over 25 years. Helping many recover from and prevent the pain and damage caused by pressure ulcers.

Leading with science we have helped millions worldwide.

Our air-powered solutions are clinically crafted with the best design, technology and materials - now available from our home to yours.

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Dynamic Comfort

Responsive air that adapts to your movements, providing personalised support and comfort.

Even pressure distribution

Single cell design ensures balanced airflow and pressure relief, reducing discomfort.

Portable and easy maintenance

Lightweight, easy to clean, and deflates to a compact size for convenience.

Clinically Proven Comfort

Repose® Technology

Reduced mobility, sitting or staying put for any prolonged period of time leads to an increase in pressure. 

That's why our clinical experts have spent 25 years crafting Air Technology to evenly distribute pressure, clinically proven to reduce pressure injury.

Using advanced immersion and envelopment to evenly distribute weight and motion to alleviate and reduce peak pressure. 

Repose® technology is the go-to treatment for pressure sores - giving you the freedom to live comfortably.

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Air-powered clinically proven

We believe the key to empowering independence comes from accessible education, products and support. Professional-level care should enable your day-to-day experiences, not dominate them.  That’s why we’ve applied our healthcare-grade technology to aesthetically subtle designs, to provide lasting support that blends into the background. 

Air technology

Unique low-air distribution designs that are clinically proven to reduce pain and prevent pressure damage.

Support & style

Products that seamlessly blend function and aesthetics to provide the support and comfort you need.

Ultimate comfort & relief

Crafted to provide unmatched comfort and support, the range offers superior weight distribution and pressure relief.

What our customers think

Enora user

My wife and I do in-home dialysis and she is required to sit in a fairly hard chair for more than 4 hours every other day, she was having a hard time finding a cushion that was comfortable for that length of time. The Air Cushion did the trick.

Fighting Fifty

The Enora Air Cushion is a revelation. I had a second operation on my spine a few weeks ago and although I had a comfortable chair it did not give the best support at the bottom of the back where most chairs leave a gap. I tried the Enora Cushion, and it was an instant success. It not only fills that annoying gap but moulds perfectly to my back and gives the firm and comfortable support and relief that I need but can’t get from any other cushion.

L Hayles

Thank you Enora. I use my Air Cushion to support my back whilst reading and experienced
immediate relief.

Enora user

Found the perfect air cushion for a recliner. It’s very comfortable and great quality. It looks great too!

Tania Talks

I really wish I had this NHS-approved, stylish and comfortable cushion when I was pregnant!

Made in Britain

Experience NHS-backed technology, manufactured in Tredegar, South Wales.


NHS-backed, used and highly recommended by healthcare professionals.


Utilise our ComfiFlexᵀᴾᵁ film to alleviate and reduce peak pressure.

Enora Superᴾᵁ

Multi-stretch PU material supports immersion, envelopment and reduces friction for enhanced user comfort.