Science within Enora®

Reactive Air Cell Technology

The combination of ComfiFlexᵀᴾᵁ and SMART Valve technology in Enora enables the regulation of pressure within the single-cell reactive air chamber. This technology provides exceptional levels of immersion, envelopment, and user comfort.

The pressure within the air cell is carefully controlled to optimise
support and pressure redistribution of Enora.

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Repose® Technology

Pressure Mapping Data

Pressure mapping is a technique that measures and visualizes the pressure and its distribution when two surfaces come into contact. In the case of Enora, a high-tech, thin, flexible semiconductor sensor is used to perform the measurement.

This data allows us to demonstrate the benefits of Enora in a clear and visual manner, both with and without Enora in use. We believe that a surface without Enora can cause discomfort and pressure, and this data demonstrates this perfectly.

Enora® Superᴾᵁ

The Enora Superᴾᵁ multi-stretch polyurethane covers are not only durable but also vapour-permeable and water-resistant. These covers support high levels of immersion and envelopment, reducing shear and friction forces to enhance user comfort.

Pressure Relief

Relieves pressure on soft tissue areas, reducing the risk of pressure sores.

Low Air Technology

Distributes weight evenly without losing shape for optimal comfort.

Lightweight and Convenient

Easy to clean, deflate, and store in a compact size, ensuring hassle-free usage.

Secure and Versatile

Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit on all recliner chair sizes.

Enora® ComfiFlexᵀᴾᵁ

The Enora ComfiFlexᵀᴾᵁ is highly conformable with a multi-directional super-stretch construction. It is designed to support high levels of immersion and envelopment, providing optimal user support and comfort.

The material offers a soft and smooth patient interface, minimising friction forces.

The Science inside Enora®

Enora has been designed for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores.  Our team of scientist have carefully crafted the range through immersion and envelopment techniques. The support surface features a single ComfiFlexᵀᴾᵁ film air cell. Designed to contour your body and adapt and adjust the pressure beneath the user using Reactive Air technology for a personalised pressure experience.

Our unique Reactive Air technology, tailors your cushion to you and your specific pressure needs. Enora features a Superᴾᵁ polyurethane cover that provides user comfort and blends seamlessly with your home.

Enora offers a unique and effective solution for pressure sore prevention and treatment, providing users with improved comfort and support.


Multi-stretch PU material supports immersion, envelopment and reduces friction for enhanced user comfort.


Utilise our ComfiFlexᵀᴾᵁ film to alleviate and reduce peak pressure.

SMART Valve Technology

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Reactive Air Cell Technology

The pressure within the air cell is carefully controlled to optimise support and pressure redistribution of Enora.

Comfort and Stability

Slim profile inner air cells increases comfort.

Higher outer air cells provide greater comfort and stability.

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Enora® SMART Valve Technology

The Smart Valve Technology regulates the product's internal pressure, ensuring an optimum pressure level. It is easy to use and reliable, allowing for optimal inflation.

The air within Enora will not lose its memory, maintaining consistent pressure once inflated by the Air Pump.

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2 Components

The Enora SMART Valve consists of two key parts these being the product and pump valves.

Individual parts

The Enora SMART Valve Technology consists of a pump and product valve made from 21 individual parts.

Optimal internal pressure

These parts are designed to optimise the internal
pressure of Enora products to 0.2psi.

Thank you Enora. I used my Air Cushion to support my back whilst reading and experienced immediate relief.

L Hayles

I really wish I had this NHS-approved, stylish and comfortable cushion when I was pregnant!

Tania Talks

Found the perfect air cushion for a recliner. It’s very comfortable and great quality. It looks great too!

Enora User

Be free, be comfortable, be you.

Clinically Proven Comfort

Sitting or staying put for long periods of time are a no-no for pressure and pressure build up.  That’s why we designed our Enora Air products with proven Air Technology to evenly distribute pressure, clinically proven to reduce pressure injury.

Our innovation and clinical specialists have infused immersion and envelopment to evenly distribute weight and motion to alleviate and reduce peak pressure. 

Repose® technology is backed by the NHS and used by healthcare professionals worldwide. 

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Discover air-powered care. Our exclusive range offers subtle support that alleviates pressure, to enhance everyday moments.

Comfort Zone

Comfort is a universal desire, and when it comes to pressure redistribution air cushions, there's more to it than meets the eye. In this blog, we explore the intricate science behind these cushions, exploring how they work to provide not just a seat but a genuine sense of comfort and well...

Made in Britain

Experience NHS-backed technology, manufactured in Tredegar, South Wales.


NHS-backed, used and highly recommended by healthcare professionals.


Utilise our ComfiFlex™ TPU film to alleviate and reduce peak pressure.

Enora Super PU™

Multi-stretch PU material supports immersion, envelopment and reduces friction for enhanced user comfort.