Productivity powered by Repose®

Backed by the NHS, the low-air distribution designs are clinically proven to prevent pressure and improve comfort.

Only 29% of people manage to take regular breaks, causing discomfort and pain that distract from your day. 

Long days in the office take a toll on the body.

Our specially designed cushion provides superior support, relieving pain and reducing pressure area damage. With ergonomic features and optimal cushioning for stability, promoting a comfortable seating position.

Our unique product range seamlessly merges function and aesthetics. We blend into your space so that you can be free, be comfortable and be you. Explore our range of pressure area care products. 

Trust in our NHS-backed products relied upon by healthcare professionals worldwide.

Recovery and relief, powered by air. 

Our office chair cushion uses NHS-approved, Repose® Technology to deliver ultimate support and comfort.

We're here to give you the support you deserve, so you can remain productive and life the life you know.

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Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to productivity 

Enora® Air Cushion

For your office

Perfect for office chairs, our air-powered cushion provides the ultimate comfort and support you need for long hours of sitting. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enhanced productivity as our cushion offers superior weight distribution and pressure relief. Its lightweight and portable design allows for easy integration into any office environment, ensuring both comfort and style.

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Enora® Air Seat

For your wheelchair

All-day comfort and pressure relief, with our Wheelchair Cushion. Specifically designed for general-purpose wheelchairs, our unique design features two sections for independent back and seat support, ensuring even pressure redistribution and maximum comfort.

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For Home and Office comfort

Repose® Technology

  • Medical-grade pressure relief designed to provide professional level support in the home or office
  • Air-powered Repose® technology has been a staple of pressure relieving care in the NHS for over 25 years
  • Smart Valve Technology offers the perfect inflation level for optimum comfort
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"I was getting so sore sitting down all the time, the pain just kept getting worse and I was told I could be prone to getting ulcers so I got an Air Cushion. It is like sitting on air, I love it and the pain is gone. Total success would highly recommend."

The office comfort range

Enora® Air CushionEnora® Air Cushion
Enora® Air Cushion Sale price£105.00
Enora® Air Cushion Extra CoverEnora® Air Cushion Extra Cover

Cost of Sitting Crisis

TV Medic Dr Zoe Williams warns against ‘cost of sitting crisis’

We recently conducted a study with adults aged 40+ across the UK, and the findings revealed some shocking statistics on comfort levels in the home. That’s why we called on Dr Zoe Williams to help u...

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Made in Britain

Experience NHS-backed technology, manufactured in Tredegar, South Wales.


NHS-backed, used and highly recommended by healthcare professionals.


Utilise our ComfiFlexᵀᴾᵁ film to alleviate and reduce peak pressure.

Enora Superᴾᵁ

Multi-stretch PU material supports immersion, envelopment and reduces friction for enhanced user comfort.