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Empowering those looking after the older generation

Empowering those looking after the older generation

Empowering those looking after the older generation

As our families age, many of us find ourselves taking on more responsibility and looking after our loved ones - often without knowing exactly how best to support them. Uncertainties can arise around home care, particularly when faced with the challenge of supporting individuals dealing with mobility issues and discomfort in the home.

Even when ageing parents do not have complex care needs, knowing how best to help them out at home can seem daunting - luckily, Enora is here to assist you.

We understand that fostering a supportive environment for both you and the ones you care for is important, and it goes beyond taking round groceries, hiring cleaners or arranging deliveries. So, we have put together a list of four top tips that can help ease the pressure when helping older family members with their home care.

1. Create a Comfortable Environment

A simple way to help create a more relaxed and comfortable space is to make small adjustments at home.

Consider assistive technology which can make a space easier for older people to navigate, such as grab rails and ramps. Technology can also help older people feel more at ease, such as smart security cameras, voice-activated lights and smart speakers.

Health technology can also enhance older people’s home comfort. Our medical-grade Air Cushions and Air Contur products are made to ease pressure and distribute weight, helping to prevent discomfort in the home. With patented Repose® air cell technology, it transforms any seat to bring ultimate comfort and clinically-proven relief from pressure. They’re easy to inflate, install, and are portable so you can even take it out to socialise - perfect for those who struggle to sit for long periods at cafes, pubs and restaurants.

2. Explore Support Services

When providing support for an older person, it's important to consider tailored options for those who need more than just a helping hand around the home. Private health services offer personalised care packages, and organisations like Age UK provide valuable resources and support for carers. Take advantage of these services to navigate the challenges of caring for ageing parents and build a strong support network.

Additionally, explore local community centres and social services for additional assistance and respite care options.

3. Promote Quality Sleep

Recognise the importance of a good night's sleep for older people. Suggesting strategies to promote better sleep can help, such as avoiding caffeine before bedtime and sticking to a routine.

There are a range of products which can help people who struggle to sleep, particularly those who feel discomfort in bed. Our Air Sleeper is the only clinically-approved air single mattress topper in the UK; it leverages 26 years of Repose® air technology which is NHS-backed. This innovative solution not only relieves pressure to provide ultimate comfort, it also prevents pressure sores, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

4. Personal Connection and Quality Time

Beyond practical considerations, remember the power of personal connection. Regular calls and spending quality time with your ageing parents or loved ones not only strengthens your relationship but also contributes significantly to their emotional well-being.

Taking the time to call over for a coffee and a catch-up, or just a 10-minute phone call can drastically lift someone’s spirits.

Let Enora help you to empower the older people in your life, ensuring they can live life beyond their needs.

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Enora Air-powered products should be used as part of a package of care. Seek medical advice if you are concerned about an older person’s health.

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