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TV medic Dr Zoe Williams warns against ‘cost of sitting crisis’

TV medic Dr Zoe Williams warns against ‘cost of sitting crisis’

We recently conducted a study with adults aged 40+ across the UK, and the findings revealed some shocking statistics on comfort levels in the home. That’s why we called on Dr Zoe Williams to help us spread the word about Enora air-powered products - highlighting how our medical-grade comfort aids can provide relief and recovery in the home.

What did the study reveal?

40% of people approaching their 50s want to change their lifestyle to better suit their age, but many do not take preventative measures to avoid injury - and Dr Zoe is now encouraging people to make a concerted effort to protect their health in later life. The Enora product range can do exactly that. 

Despite over two-thirds of the surveyed public admitting to feeling increasing discomfort as they age, many continue to take little to no measures to safeguard their future health and wellbeing.


What causes this discomfort?

Working-from-home setups were identified as one of the key drivers of increasing discomfort in those over 40; only 29% of people manage to take regular breaks, leaving them sitting for long periods.

What’s more, 10% of those surveyed work from a sofa, and 5% work from bed - a far cry from the NHS recommended set-ups at desks or tables, using supportive cushions if not using a dedicated office chair.

The survey also revealed that more than three quarters (76%) of respondents do not consider a supportive cushion to be a medical aid. Yet, bringing medical devices such as a the Enora air cushion into the home may be the solution to prevent injury, avoid discomfort, and safeguard future health.


So says the brilliant Dr Zoe Williams, leading media medic and practicing GP. Dr Zoe is encouraging people to consider bringing medical devices into their homes to better support their wellbeing as they age. Particularly, those prone to sitting for long periods due to home working, injury or lack of mobility - all at greater risk of falling victim to the so-called ‘cost of sitting crisis’.

To tackle this issue, we have launched our range of air-powered products which make medical-grade pressure relief accessible to everyone for the first time.

Our patented air-powered Repose® technology has been a staple of pressure relieving care in NHS settings for a quarter of a century, and now, it is available to bring into people’s homes through our new venture Enora®.

A collection of pressure-relieving cushions, our Enora® air-powered comfort aids have been designed to provide professional level support in the home. Supporting people who work from home, in recovery from or wanting to prevent pressure sores, or those looking for a comfort solution as they age, the Enora cushions aim to transform home care in the UK.


Dr Zoe said: “We all know the benefits of regular movement and exercise, but as mobility decreases in later life, it’s important we consider how best to protect our health. Many of us are working from home and staying sedentary for long hours, which can lead to pressure build-up and, in extreme cases, can even cause pressure sores.

“Bringing medical devices into the home can help to combat this, and the new air-powered product range from Enora offers a clinically-proven comfort solution which doesn’t compromise on style.”

Thank you to Dr Zoe for the words of support! To read more about Enora and find the product that’s right for you, visit our shop here:

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