Make the most of your air cushion: Four ways to use your new comfort aid

Make the most of your air cushion: Four ways to use your new comfort aid

In the hustle and bustle of the new year, let’s press pause: take a moment, sit back, relax.

Delivered to your door, our medical-grade Air Cushion empowers you to live life on your terms - making sure your home care doesn’t restrict you.

Read on for our tips on how to make the most of the Air Cushion, from improving home comforts to taking it out and about.

 How does the Air Cushion support our customers?

Using NHS-trusted air distribution technology, the Enora Air Cushion is comfortable, discreet, and stylishly designed: it won’t clash with your home decor, or stick out as a medical device. Yet, it delivers all the comfort you’d expect from a clinically proven health product.


Relax at home

For people with limited mobility or health issues which cause chronic pain, it can be difficult to feel truly comfortable - even at home.

Our Air Cushions are designed to relieve your pressure, redistributing your weight to avoid pressure build up. Whether placed on the sofa at your back or as an added seat, at the kitchen table, or even in bed if you’re spending long periods sitting up in recovery, the Air Cushion can bring relief on high pain days.

On the go

The Air Cushion’s packaging means it can easily be deflated, fit into a bag, and re-inflated when you get to your destination. No more worrying about how uncomfortable the seats have become at your favourite coffee shop, or avoiding long train journeys due to the hard, unwelcoming chairs. Let your Air Cushion take the weight off, and enjoy going out and about once more.

See the Air Cushion in action with our ambassador, Tania Duttion: LINK


Home office health

Let’s be honest: many of us don’t have the perfect office set-up when working from home. Whether perching on the sofa or spending long hours staring at a screen at the kitchen table, our home offices can often be DIY and leave us prone to discomfort - or even injury, with only 29% of workers taking regular breaks.

Let the Air Cushion provide added comfort and pressure relief, so you can stay focused and energised.


Wheelchair comfort

The Air Cushion’s sister product – the Air Seat – is the perfect addition to your wheelchair. Providing seated comfort while supporting improved circulation, the air seat adds a stylish pop of colour and keep you comfortable throughout your day.

Find out why Clara Holmes, model and content creator, loves our Air Seat here: LINK


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