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Support Cushion for the Elderly: Making Everywhere More Comfortable

Support Cushion for the Elderly: Making Everywhere More Comfortable

Getting older can be uncomfortable. Often health and energy levels lower leading to more time spent sitting or lying down. Support cushions for the elderly offer them a chance to feel relief and relaxation. But, with an ever-growing market, there’s some questions that you might want answering. What is a support cushion? How does a support cushion aid the elderly? What features does a support cushion need? We’ll answer all of these questions as well as show you how we can help.


Read on, to answer:

  • What is a support cushion?
  • How does a support cushion aid the elderly?
  • What features does a support cushion need?
  • What do we offer?

And more! Let’s jump in.

What is a support cushion?

A support cushion for the elderly is a specifically crafted cushion with the intention of providing support, comfort, and assistance to older individuals. 

These cushions are built with features that help address various age-related issues, such as back pain, pressure ulcers, and reduced mobility.

They can be made from many different materials, from gel inserts, and foam inners, to air cells. They’re commonly used in multiple chairs or locations.

How does a support cushion aid the elderly?

When the body ages, it needs more assistance, from getting comfortable to medical help. Due to the many different age related issues experienced.

That’s why a support cushion is beneficial. During old age, feeling relief and comfort is well earned, after years of hard work. 

Sadly, it’s common for the elderly to not feel the relaxation they deserve. There’s many challenges that make this true. 

However, there’s a solution that allows them to bring comfort to more places, this is a support cushion. 

There’s many different ageing related issues that a support cushion can help with, such as…

Posture support: Getting older comes with postural problems. Maintaining the correct posture becomes more challenging. Support cushions promote the correct alignment and offer support, reducing the risk of back and neck pain.  

Pressure relief: Pressure ulcers are significantly more common with the elderly. They spend hours sitting and watching TV or reading the newspaper everyday. Support cushions will help alleviate any pains and aches, while redistributing the weight and limiting the pressure in certain areas.

Mobility issues: With old age comes mobility issues. Bones and muscles are weaker and flexibility levels worsen. Support cushions make the transition from sitting to standing or the other way around notably easier. 

Pain management: Experiencing conditions such as arthritis or chronic pains, is very common with the elderly. Support cushions can provide them relief by supporting areas such as the lower back, hips, and buttocks. 

Comfort: Support cushions will make everyday activities significantly more enjoyable, such watching TV or travelling. 

Independence: Support cushions can have a massive impact on how much freedom an older individual has. By making sitting more comfortable and manageable, they require less assistance during day-to-day activities.

What features does a support cushion need?

So, now you know why the elderly need a support cushion, let's take a look at the top features you should look for in a support cushion for the elderly.


Let’s be real, the last thing they want is a cushion that isn’t useful on multiple chairs. Moving to and from different chairs multiple times a day, the cushion needs to be supportive in a range of chairs. 


It must be lightweight. They don’t want to be lugging around a bulky, heavy cushion, do they? On top of that, if it’s a hassle to wash or store, what good is it? 

Aesthetically pleasing: 

They don’t want to use a cushion that looks like it’s been taken from a hospital, do they? Finding a cushion that is pleasing to look at but provides the service it is made for is a priority.


How do you know what support cushions actually work? Brands that are backed by healthcare professionals such as the NHS have reliable products.

What do we offer?

Let a loved one experience comfort and support throughout their day with our Air Cushion. Our support cushion for the elderly provides the relief and relaxation they merit. Using NHS-backed Repose® Technology to deliver exceptional results.

With its easily cleanable material and effortlessly portable features, our Air Cushion is one of the most practical support cushions around. Taking up little space, due to its storage pump design.

Our Air Cushion is highly versatile as it can be used on any static chair. Allowing them to experience ultimate comfort anywhere. 

Even with our Air Cushion being a medical-grade solution, it remains visually appealing with its sleek and subtle design.

We use Repose® Technology, to create the perfect cushion for elderly use. To prevent, manage, and treat pressure ulcers and provide them with targeted relief and support.

Provide a loved one with pressure relief in the comfort of their own home and reduce their chances of getting bed sores, with our support cushion for the elderly.


Shop Enora air-powered care.

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