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A Walk Through Of How To Use Your Air Cushion

A Walk Through Of How To Use Your Air Cushion

Using NHS-backed Repose® Technology the Enora® Air Cushion offers you pressure relief and ultimate comfort, in any static chair. Understanding how to use your cushion is important for getting the most out of it.

Setting up your cushion

Once you get your cushion, it’s time to inflate it.

  1. Twist your Enora Air Pump to open it, and remove the cushion from inside.
  2. Reassemble the Enora Air Pump and attach it to the valve of the cushion.
  3. Begin inflating the cushion (typically only takes a few seconds) until you hear a click.
  4. Once inflated, cover the valve using the provided cap.
  5. Ensure to put your cushion inside the cover, with the valve facing the zip.
  6. Find a chair and experience air-powered relief

Deflation and storing your cushion

When you’re done using your cushion or need to take it somewhere else, deflating and storing are your next steps.

  1. Take the cushion out of its cover.
  2. Put the open end of the cap into the valve, allowing air to escape as it deflates.
  3. While the open end of the cap is still in the valve, roll up your cushion, starting from the point farthest away from the valve, removing any remaining air.
  4. Fold and roll up your deflated cushion and place it inside the pump for safe storage.
  5. Rotate the outer tube until it clicks closed.
  6. Store in a cool, dry place that avoids sunlight.

Please see below for you to follow our Quick Reference Guide animation on how you can inflate, deflate and store your Enora Air cushion.

Regular maintenance and cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning should be carried out on your cushion to improve your experience.

For your cushion to be effective, re-pumping at least every 14 days, using the provided Enora Air Pump is essential.

You should clean your Air Cushion regularly. Remove the cover and pop it in the washing machine.

But, hand wash the inner itself using soap and warm water.

For further information on how to use your Air Cushion, refer to your Air Pump, our social media pages, or visit our How To or Air Cushion page on our website.

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