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How to Deflate and Store your Air Cushion

How to Deflate and Store your Air Cushion

Deflating and storing your Enora® Air Cushion

When you've finished using your cushion it's time to deflate and store it. 

  1. Take the cushion out of its cover.
  2. Put the open end of the cap into the valve, allowing air to escape as it deflates.
  3. While the open end of the cap is still in the valve, roll up your cushion, starting from the point farthest away from the valve, removing any remaining air.
  4. Fold and roll up your deflated cushion and place it inside the pump for safe storage.
  5. Rotate the outer tube until it clicks closed.
  6. Store in a cool, dry place that avoids sunlight and heat.

Please see below for a visual animation of how to deflate and store your Enora Air cushion.

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